Affordable Underground Doomsday Container Bunker Preppers Shelter

Turning a shipping container into a bunker or fallout shelter takes engineering, craftsmanship, and vast knowledge from many fields of expertise. Many people think you can buy a shipping container, bury it and have a great shelter. However, there is a lot more to it than that...

We have done all the hard work that needs to be considered when putting together a great bunker. We believe that there are three major things that must be done perfect for a bunker: Air, water, and security! Our bunkers are great for nuclear fallout, storms, economic collapse, prepping or any security risk you can think of.

Container Bunkers provides a reasonably priced bunker that will protect you and your family no matter what. In order to keep the cost down we have designed a basic layout that is standard for every bunker. If you want any changes we will be glad to custom build you a bunker to your exact specifications.